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Berry Residence 02
Private Project

Timeless Mediterranean Gem

The result of a creative and collaborative process; the distribution of the spaces is based on an essential organization and monastery-type architecture.

Private Project

A Tribute to Petit Palais

Inspired in the building that now hoses Le musée des beaux-arts de la ville de Paris.

Millard by BELT
Private Project

Inspired by Nature

Symbol of beauty, glory, immortality, and wisdom.

Private Project

Canvas of Luxury

Evoking Emotion Through Specialized Textures on the materials.

Private Project

Bronze Harmony

Clean, beautifully designed trellis for this truly neoclassic residence.

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All-time classic

A full collection of pieces was developed for this unique Mediterranean Barocco Gem.


A Rodin touch

It's about time to stare at sunsets.