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Private Project

Inspired by Natured

Symbol of beauty, glory, immortality and wisdom, the peacock is the great inspiration for this project, the colorful tail of the male and the eye-shaped drawings connect with the vital and eternal cycle of nature and combine several characteristics, such as the variety of colors and the captivating charm of its shape. The project consists of a main entrance of hand-forged aluminum with patina finish for vehicle access and two doors for pedestrian access. The artistic style embodied in the pedestrian gate with bamboo shoots connects with the natural elements present.

Biggest challenge from the design point was to re-create do you splendor of a peacock body and tail in the
surface of a double gate Framed in structural aluminum & all solid bars flats.
The techniques used though along the manufacture process were all handcrafted casting, forging repousee
riveting finished to natural perfection in aluminum. Installed coring through heavy thick coral stone into

Private Residence Coral Gables, Florida
  • Co-Design: Louis Beltran & Ralphael Portuondo
  • Architect: Raphael Portuondo, Portuondo Peroti Architects
  • Builder: William Warren, Warren Design Associates
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Techniques: Hand forging, hammering and repousée
  • Finish: Three coat antirust paint