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Private Project

Rhythms Of Natural

Introducing a product that seamlessly blends the grandeur of nature with artistic mastery and advanced technical functionality, embodying the vision of a vibrant and harmonious urban world. Inspired by nature without directly imitating anything, our artistic metal screens deliver an impeccable and intricate finish, taking aesthetics to unprecedented heights. These screens seamlessly integrate into the fabric of the metropolis, adding a unique artistic dimension to its development. Technically, our screens offer a controlled opening dance, employing a pivot system and roller latch, symbolizing the harmony between functionality and beauty. This product is an inspiring statement on how nature and craftsmanship can coexist, transforming the urban landscape into a lively canvas of creativity and elegance.

Luxury Restaurant in New York
  • Maestro: Louis Beltrán
  • Owner: SL Green Realty Group
  • Architect: SMI Landscape Architecture