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Private Project

A Tribute to Petit Palais

A project that was inspired in the building that now hoses Le musée des beaux-arts de la ville de Paris. The Petit Palais, was built during the Universal Exhibition 1900. It’s interior and exterior forge announced the organic tendencies that were going to rule the beginning of the new century… Enthused by the vibrant and momentous lilies and dahlias; their leaves and pistils introducea dreamy, energetic open-air ambience to this corridor. The hand-made wrought iron screens where inspired by the brilliance of the Petit Palais from 1897.

Realistic organic shapes and contrasting details such as contoured and full life flowers give the space flourishing touch into deep perfection of nature. This is a statement of timeless pieces for traditional interiors.

Private Residence Coral Gables, Florida
  • Design: Louis Beltran
  • Architect: Ramon  Pacheco
  • Builder:  East coast Constructions
  • Material: Bronze & Aluminium