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Private Project

Magnolia Dance

The wonderful and unique bronze trellis is one of the most iconic and sculptural pieces developed by Louis Beltran in recent years. Part of a landscaping renovation of a private residence, the trellis will be adorning the outdoor socializing place that will give its users different sensations of light and protection. 

Inspired by the forms of nature, the trellis is composed of elements with organic movements, which build 8 pieces that, when joined together, generate an inspiring symmetry to frame the surrounding vegetation and the beautiful Miami sky.

The elements that make up the trellis have every detail thought out; each type of piece’s twists, terminations, rivets, and joints make the piece completely assemblable.
Made to measure and handmade, this product is crafted entirely in bronze with a dark patina applied by our hands with different illuminations and protected with wax.


Private Residence Coral Glades, Florida

Designer: Louis Beltran  in collaboration with SMI Landscape Architecture